Gea Meijering

TEDx Mission Viejo
Program Designer


Sparked by the treasure trove of TED Talks, Gea founded a TED Talk Group several years ago. She finds discussing the chosen TED Talks as well as the myriad of other topics that come up in the process to be enlightening, energizing, powerful and a lot of fun in a book club kind of way. “The TED Talk Group brings together beautiful minds and varied opinions and gives an incredible feel of connectedness”, Gea says.

Gea is very inquisitive and enjoys working as a bridge-builder: connecting people and the dots. But it’s her creative juices and ideas that give her the biggest jolt of energy.

Originally from the Netherlands, Gea worked as a marketer at an international bank’s Cybercenter. She was on the forefront of website and online-banking marketing development back in the days when people knew not such technologies.

Now she uses these skills and her creative drive for iCarePress LLC, a 21 st Century media publisher dedicated to helping empower, inform and inspire readers in a practical, clear way. She is currently working on her forthcoming children’s book, Breaking the Code: Diary of a Dyslexic Kid.

That is… when she is not volunteering for TEDxMission Viejo, or as a parent mentor for the special education department of the Laguna Beach School District, learning Spanish, creating show-stopping packaging designs for a client, photographing or tinkering with another great idea.