Jen Schollenberger

TEDx Mission Viejo
Communications & Registration


Jen is a full-time registered nurse with 20 years experience in critical care. She has specialized in trauma resuscitation and most specifically severe brain injury management.

Jen shares her passion for nursing beyond the bedside as an Advanced Trauma Care Nurse (ATCN) instructor while also speaking frequently at the regional and national level. Most notably, Jen is as an annual presenter at NTI, nursing’s national critical care conference.

As you might imagine, working at a trauma center is filled with highs and lows. Jen has frequently found inspiration and solace in TED Talks. Jen became involved with TEDx as a way to give back to something she has gained so much from.

A lifelong beach girl, Jen is an avid outdoorswoman, as well as both a proud mother and wife.