Joe Hood

TEDx Mission Viejo


Coming from humble beginnings, without the opportunity for college, Joe has always been on the look out for unconventional styles of learning. TED Talks have always inspired Joe to think outside the box and to share his knowledge with others. So naturally, when prompted with the opportunity to help with the creation of a TED event, he was more than ready to hop on board.

For the past four years, Joe has been building broadcast production trucks and directing live sports for ESPN. He operates under the idea that in order to get a truly beautiful video, the subject needs to be something the creator is truly passionate about.

A regular meditator, Joe believes finding “the positive” in every situation is the only way to be successful in his life. Never having had time to stop and smell the roses, Joe looks toward Space for what is to come. Being on the forefront of technology and working and with state-of-the-art equipment in the Audio/Video world, Joe would like one day to be involved in space exploration.

Until such a day comes that his dreams have all come true, Joe will continue working hard to spread positivity and education though his medium of choice.