John Cefalu

The Fight Against Giving


John is the President and Founder of Health 2 Humanity Global (H2H), whose mission is to eradicate preventable disease. H2H empowers entrepreneurs in developing countries with the “fight against giving” mentality- the idea that truly sustainable change comes from education and tangible skills in place of the traditional simply providing- “giving”- of goods. John felt that many aspects of traditional charity work were ineffective, and created Health 2 Humanity to have his own take on the matter.

John has been traveling around the world setting up H2H locations since his freshman year at Chapman University. His work with committed entrepreneurs around the world has given him a broad vision for the world of business. John’s story started with his passion for the people that he met on his first mission trip to Kenya in 2012, and this passion remains the driving force behind the work he does today.