Nathalie Assen

TEDx Mission Viejo
Co-Producer & Marketing and Brand Director


Being passionate about marketing and branding, Nathalie saw it as a great opportunity to be stepping in as the Marketing & Brand director for TEDx Mission Viejo. Strong brands with powerful messages have always had her interest. TED’s mission to spread idea’s, connect people and create a different perception and therefor understanding is what she strongly values. Being an open minded, innovative thinker, enthusiastic team player and creative spirit Nathalie will help TEDx Mission Viejo to blossom and be one of the key events organized in the heart of Orange County.

With more than 15 years of corporate experience in different management roles and hands on Brand responsibility, Nathalie knows how to build and strengthen a Brand. As a certified Strength Finder® and ICF® Coach Nathalie focuses on strengths to accelerate growth. With a passion for development and innovation she will expand the horizon with new opportunities & surprising results. Being a child of expat parents she travelled the world. This life experience defined who she became and still is today. A person that connects easy, adapts quickly and is non-judgmental. Nowadays Nathalie uses all of her international, corporate & management expertise in her own company: SALT.

Nathalie loves the inspiring, creative energy of the TEDx Mission Viejo team. Critical thinkers that want to give back. With the theme Perception she hopes to create more understanding and acceptance.