Oree Freeman

The Invisible Traffic After The Street Lights Go Out


Oree Freeman, 21, is an advocate for the children and young adults in our communities that are victims of sexual trafficking.  She is a survivor who, at the age of 11, was trafficked for over four years.

Today she is a strong, successful, independent young woman.  She graduated from Fullerton High School, maintains a full time job, her own apartment, and last Fall decided to pause her college education for a semester to travel to Uganda to work with children who were rescued from slavery.

Oree has trained police officers, educators, DA’s and Judges, doctors and nurses, and regularly gives presentations to high schools, colleges, and community members.  She also works at The Lighthouse, a home specifically for young women 18-21 who have escaped sexual trafficking. Among other things, she has been appointed to the California State Commercially Sexually Exploited Children Advisory Committee and advises legislators and policy makers on how to better serve children being sold throughout the state.

Oree is no longer a victim or just a survivor. She views herself as light, a force to fight for all the victims still out there with voices that remain unheard, fight for children who can’t fight for themselves, and show women that they are more than just survivors- that they too, can be forces of hope.