Stephanie Paul

TEDx Mission Viejo
Co-Organizer & Executive Producer


Stephanie is honored to have been locally and Internationally selected to coach speakers at other TEDx events and is now excited to be producing TEDx Mission Viejo 2016. As well as producing the event, Stephanie will be helping to guide and train an amazing lineup of speakers, helping to shape their ideas and bringing them out into the light on the TEDx Mission Viejo Stage to maximize audience reach and enjoyment.

As the Head Of Training & Development at Advance Your, Stephanie Paul specializes in making good communicators great connectors by “Mastering Their Message”. Her coaching provides Executives, Trainers, Speakers & Video Blog Presenter’s the tools to elevate their message and to become awe inspiring & engaging connectors. With 26 years of unique experience as a Director, Producer, Stand Up Comic & Actor, Stephanie’s work has taken her to 8 countries. When she is not working (which she secretly loves), Stephanie is laughing, surfing, doing yoga, and experiencing something new and or cooking somewhere in Southern California. Stephanie feels totally blessed by everyone involved with TEDx Mission Viejo and with much gratitude wishes your experience of TEDx Mission Viejo to be filled with “Ideas and experiences worth spreading”.