Cate McManus

TEDx Mission Viejo
Social Media Manager


As a branded content creator and social media and digital marketing manager, Cate took on this role as an avid TED Talk fan and admirer of the TED brand and it’s contribution to the collective consciousness.

With more than 15 years of experience in commercial, television and digital production, Cate has honed her expertise in these areas, bridging the divide between brands, entertainment and content. Cate has a true passion for identifying, incubating and executing creative ideas. Above all, Cate loves to take an idea and run with it.

Born and raised in Australia, Cate has also lived in London and Indonesia, although most of her adult life has been spent in California where she currently resides. Having lived in three countries across the globe and traveled extensively, connecting people and their ideas has always been at the heart of Cate’s passion for creating original content that speaks to a large audience.

In her spare time Cate co-hosts and produces a weekly, topical, sports and pop-culture podcast, The Baller Lifestyle. She’s excited to be a part of this TEDx team, and to give back through the TEDX community.