Nicole Reese

TEDx Mission Viejo
Graphic Designer


Building a world of modern renaissance, Nicole Reese is at the intersection of uncharted creativity and superior knowledge. Naturally, involvement in TEDx Mission Viejo is magnetic to her vision.

Her title as CityHeART Creative Director and Arts Coordinator means she’s kicking down doors for the nonprofit that takes issues worth solving and uses art as the vehicle for social change. Nicole is also the mother of Auspicious Arts, the Long Beach coalition of artists strategically creating a system of financial support for their craft. 21-year-old poet, painter, author, and creative visualist, Nicole picked up the flute this year in the spirit of TED- a never-ending growth of enlightenment.

Bringing a colorful infusion to the theme of Perception, she is offering graphic design and visual consulting for both the 2D and 3D aspects of TEDx Mission Viejo 2016.