Tomilee Tilley Gill

Advocate Change: Gender Balance for a Sustainable Workforce


Tomilee Tilley Gill is the Founder and President of Executives Unlimited, Inc., a premier retained national executive search firm. She launched her career in the male-dominated banking industry when she was 18 while attending the University of Southern California. Her dedication and natural born leadership was acknowledged when she was appointed as Vice President at Great Western Savings at the age of 24, and later recruited to Wells Fargo Bank as Senior Vice President.

After losing her parents at an early age, Tomilee was forced to grow up quickly and gain independence. Tomilee is an accomplished female executive who rose quickly through the ranks while raising five children. After more than 16 years in financial services, Tomilee was eager for new opportunities to grow when she transitioned to the retained executive search industry. After three years in the business, she founded Executives Unlimited in 2001.

During the past 16 years, Tomilee has excelled in guiding more than 750 client companies through executive talent acquisition success. Her wisdom and sage advice are an inspiration to her clients. Her professionalism and candor provide in-depth knowledge and positive transparency that clients seek.

Tomilee serves on the Board of Directors of two companies and also dedicates herself to the community in a variety of philanthropic endeavors. She is the founder of the non-profit Independent Westerly School of Long Beach, and was most recently honored for her support of young leaders. Tomilee is an avid outdoors enthusiast. She loves pack trips, skiing, hiking, cooking, and fashion.