Wick Kaminski

TEDx Mission Viejo
Content Manager


The TED community has always held a special place in Wick’s heart, so when presented with the opportunity to support TEDx Mission Viejo, he jumped right in.

Wick graduated from the Computer Information Systems program at Chapman University in 2015 and has taken up multiple pursuits to utilize and expand upon his education in his career. While at university, Wick began his track as an active member of Toastmasters International, because he believes in the power of public speaking and the relevance it holds in every aspect of life.

Wick runs PR & Outreach for philanthropy-focused mobile game startup Growth Gamez, which builds games that donate to charities according to player in-game progress. Growth Gamez recently released their first game, AppleSeeds, for both iPhone and Android.

To date, Wick’s favorite TED talks have included The Power of Vulnerability from Dr. Brene Brown and How Great Leaders Inspire Action from Simon Senek. Wick believes in the principles of mindfulness and hopes to one day speak at TED on the topic.

Wick is honored to be a part of the TEDx Mission Viejo team and is excited to bring you a fantastic TEDx event.